I am a lifelong learner; ambitious and driven to constantly grow my talents through education and inspiration.

I was fortunate enough to be exposed to art at an early age. Grateful to be born in a family of artists – my grandfather a photographer and classical artist; my mother a gifted painter and sculptor; and my father an artist of architecture and design – I was taught a passion for learning about art and it’s history that was further enriched by grade school and high school art classes.

After high school, I attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where I cultivated my skills in drawing, painting and sculpture. I also developed an understanding of proportional anatomy and classical and modern art. As a printmaking major, I realized that I had an inclination for the graphic arts. In 1996 I transferred to the University of the Arts where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design with a concentration in Photography.

Immediately after graduation, I was hired as Art Director for Philadelphia City Paper and was thrust into the world of new technologies. Since then I have held similar positions that afforded me the chance to be involved in the implementation and execution of first-time endeavors for supportive web-based technologies.

As Art Director for Harcourt College Publishing I was responsible for implementing online support for college level textbooks; at The Player Magazine I was designing websites to accompany the magazine; and at KPMG LLP I was creating and managing online interfaces for web evites and job training seminar registrations. A far cry from the original skills I perfected in college but I found it exciting to see how technology changed the desktop publishing industry and the rapid pace at which the Internet has progressed.

Because of these experiences, integrating technological skills beyond my initial education in the arts has become a natural progression in my life and career as an artist and continuing education has become a vital part of that progression.

I continue that today as I pursue a Masters Degree in Web Design and New Media – a priority for me given today’s market and that which continues to inspire me – art in every form available.

Contact Cara at: cara@carawayart.com